Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Lets explore the WIND!


We have been looking at wind direction.
We have been out on the back field with the balloons and discovered that the wind can change it's direction frequently.
Today we tested our Wind Vanes... 
In the morning there wasn't enough wind to 
turn our wind vanes.

In the afternoon...
They blew away because the wind was so strong!
We discovered if we held onto them tight that
they spun in the direction that the wind was blowing.

Here is a link to how to make a lego weather vane.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Learning about life in Japan.

Sana's mum, Megumi came with her friend, Junko to tell us about life in Japan.
She shared some Japanese children's games with us.

Using Chopsticks!


We challenged ourselves and built up our resilience by trying a new difficult task.
Sana showed us her training chopsticks and we all had a try then we tried to 
pick up small things with real chopsticks.

Then our challenge was... we were allowed to eat a marshmallow
if we could pick it up with chopsticks.  
Guess what?  We all managed to pick one up.
We didn't give up.  We showed perseverance!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Making Sushi


We washed the rice,
We cooked the rice,
We spread the rice.
And we ate the rice on seaweed with veges.

It was sticky on our fingers and tasted yum!

Maori Language Week

It is Maori language week this week. 
Our favourite new word is Aroha which means love.